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The Marge Christensen Mystery Series:

Meet Marge Christensen, a restive Bellevue, Washington housewife. Until her husband dies and all of their money goes missing.  When the police conclude he committed suicide, she searches for the truth and, in the process, rediscovers a unique art talent – her fingers never forget what she has seen. But her investigations lead her to wonder if she knew her husband at all, making her ask, "What Did You Do Before Dying?"
Later, when Marge discovers a dead body in the park and her best friend’s husband is accused of the murder, she is pressed into service again in order to find out Why Did You Die In the Park?

Then, while Marge is vacationing at Ocean Shores with her adult children, a dead body turns up on the beach.  When Marge’s son appears to be implicated in the murder, Marge must sort through a tangle of relationships, motives, and opportunity to learn Who More Than Wished You Were Dead?

Back in Bellevue, her employer is found dead in his art framing shop, but the police conclude that is not where he was killed. Marge searches for a motive and suspects for the murder while also trying to determine Where Did You Die?

Her next adventure has her seeking the killer of elderly ladies in adult care facilities in Michigan, with her mother a possible next victim. Marge worries about How Many Old Ladies Will Die? before they catch the killer.

She travels to eastern Washington in an effort to clear the way to adopt her foster son Eric. She soon finds herself embroiled in a tangled web while trying to determine if her foster son’s abusive grandfather and father are murderers. When Will the Secrets End?

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